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Trusts and Estates

At TMSL, we take a comprehensive approach to help you plan for life's significant events. Our services extend to various areas, including family and discretionary trusts, death and testamentary trusts, and trust and estate planning.

Family and discretionary trusts

If it aligns with your circumstances, we can assist you in establishing and leveraging a family trust. This can be particularly advantageous for income splitting with adult children, especially during their post-secondary education. Additionally, we can guide you in creating an alter-ego trust for you or your spouse, aiming to minimize or eliminate probate fees upon death.

Death and testamentary trusts

We emphasize the importance of proactive planning for the end of life to minimize probate fees, taxes, estate administration fees, and to alleviate financial and administrative stress for your loved ones. Leveraging our strong client relationships, we can address these sensitive matters with empathy and help devise a tailored plan. Collaborating with experienced tax and estate lawyers, we ensure the seamless implementation of recommended trust and estate strategies.

Trust & Estate Services

Our trust and estate services encompass a range of valuable offerings, including trust and estate planning, bookkeeping services, preparation of final income tax returns for the year of death, preparation of trust and estate (T3) tax returns, and acting as a trusted resource for the estate's executor.

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